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        Photoelectric direct reading spectrometer PDA-7000
        • Product Name:Photoelectric direct reading spectrometer PDA-7000
        • Product Category:Spectrograph - GNR
        • Published:2011-08-16
        Product Introduction
                Progress together with Japan metallurgy industry SHIMADZU provides - photoelectric emission spectrograph PDA series for youSHIMADZU for many years to provide the world photoelectric emission spectrograph essential in metal in quality management, and now introduced all in one essence PDA-7000. Decomposition of PDA photometry standard SHIMADZU original time, strongly support the quality management analysis
        Product Details
         To increase the stability of ·Using the new designed airframe / light emitting units, so that greatly improve the stability of. ·   high analysis accuracyUsing the new design of the luminous table and suitable for the analysis of the scope of the most suitable light condition, high accuracy analysis from high content to trace elements can be. ·   analysis of high sensitivity of nitrogen in steelThe detection limit of nitrogen up to 5ppm. In the furnace analysis, can reach the level of instead of gas analyzer. ·   standard with high functionEquipped with has been received PDA time decomposition photometry, shape analysis processing function. ·   rich product line, deal with many uses. →   with the content of product seriesIron and steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper, zinc, tin, titanium, nickel, cobalt and other various solid metal base metal, alloy composition, impurity elements in trace elements in quantitative  :PDA-7000·   excellent resultsLong term since, common development and metallurgical industry, has accumulated abundant technical information. →   application example The appearance and specifications subject to change without prior notice.Emission spectrum analysis: (OES:Optical Emission Spectroscopy)      so-called emission spectral analysis refers to the use of discharge plasma evaporation gasification to stimulate the target element in the sample, according to the bright line spectrum obtained the inherent elements (atomic spectroscopy) the wavelength of the qualitative analysis method, and according to the luminous intensity quantitatively.      the broad sense, the excitation discharge (Guang Yuan) also includes the use of ICP (Inductively coupled plasma inductively coupled plasma) as excitation discharge (Guang Yuan) ICP emission spectral analysis. But the emission spectral analysis (chemiluminescence) or Photoelectric Photometry type emission spectral analysis, refers to the use of spark discharge / DC arc discharge / glow discharge as the emission spectrum analysis of excited discharge. Emission spectrum analysis, discharge between a solid metal sample and electrode.      emission spectral analysis device of SHIMADZU is a spark discharge in argon atmosphere, light pulse to spark for statistical processing, use can improve the determination repeatability (precision) way (PDA: Pulse Distribution Analysis metering mode).      emission spectral analysis device capable of quick determination of solid metal element composition of the sample, is in iron, aluminum smelting process management with the necessary means in.