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        • Product Name:EDX-GP
        • Product Category:Spectrograph - GNR
        • Published:2011-08-16
        Product Introduction
                EDX-GPEDX-GPOverview of use (screening analysis) screen, operation is simple and convenient from the main components of judgment to select all realize automatic processing conditions by using the automatic determination of end function, shorten the time of high sensitivity and high resolution measurement of high precision, high sensitivity and rapid determination of trace elements in standard RoHSELV halogen analysis required for a variety of functional large sample room, directly test large samples can be
        Product Details
         Energy dispersive X ray fluorescence analysis device of EDX-GP is the most suitable for the analysis of RoHS/ELV/ device for X ray fluorescence of harmful elements, halogen regulations limit the free screening analysis.The first use, can easily operation, simple operation and trace analysis with higher accuracy, a perfect combination of reach the highest sensitivity and the best resolution.Halogen analysis all necessary functions required for the standard configuration of RoHS/ELV/ no, users need not buy special optional, so that we can get the best RoHS/ELV/ without halogen analysis system.The use of screening analysis) (picture, the operation is simple and convenientFrom the main components determination to achieve automatic processing conditions select allThe use of automatic determination of end function, shorten the measurement timeHigh sensitivity · high resolution · high precisionA rapid, high sensitive determination of trace elements Standard equipped with a RoHS/ELV/ halogen free analysis of various features neededLarge sample room, large sample can be directly tested