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        Type MXF-2400
        • Product Name:Type MXF-2400
        • Product Category:Spectrograph - GNR
        • Published:2011-08-16
        Product Introduction
                FACTORY LAB X - ray fluorescence spectrometer MXF-2400 type: from the main elements to the impurity elements, can simultaneously nondestructive analysis of 36 elements. (the scope of analysis: 4Be, 5B, 6C ~ 92U)The configuration of 4kW (Bo Chuang) X ray tube, improve the X light source power.SHIMADZU X - ray fluorescence spectrometer MXF-2400 is using X ray fluorescence spectrometer upgrade type.According to MXF-2400 using X ray fluorescence analysis principle of the new design of the hardware and software of data processing device equipped with a rich, full automatic analysis of data management, very suitable for engineering management, research on the use of.Simultaneous analysis of 36 elements, coupled with the single channel scanning spectrophotometry simultaneous processing of 48 kinds of elements, realizes the analysis of high sensitivity, high precision number ppm traditional X ray fluorescence device is difficult to achieve.
        Product Details
        · analysis of highly automation, labor-saving and time-saving    suitable for analysis of raw materials, new materials, product research and management, can be analyzed from the trace to the high content of a variety of samples    only about 1 minutes to complete the quantitative analysis of 1 samples of 36 kinds of elements, due to the high stability of the whole instrument and fully guarantee the analysis of full automatic unmanned management, can save manpower and    operating costs. The preparation of single channel scanning spectrophotometry, can carry out discriminant automatic qualitative analysis of the elements, are widely used in research and analysis.·   analysis of the production process management    can quickly obtain analytical results, after data processing, can carry out quality inspection specifications, judgment, applied to production management analysis (especially the ladle analysis).·   quality control    rapid analysis of samples collected from production line. The results of the analysis (calculation of the ratio) as the control data prepared for feedback, used to improve the quality and stable quality.·   application field      > > iron and steel    pig iron, cast iron, stainless steel, low alloy steel, slag, ore, iron alloy, special steel, steel surface treatment, electroplating solution      > > non-ferrous metals    copper alloy, aluminum alloy, lead alloy, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, precious metal      > > building materials    cement, cement clinker, limestone, raw material, clay, glass, bricks      > > electronic / magnetic material    semiconductor, optical disk, magnet, battery, circuit board, capacitor      > > chemical industry    inorganic / organic products, chemical fiber, catalyst, pigment, coating, medicine, cosmetics, detergent > > oil / coal    oil, heavy oil, lubricating oil, resin, coal, coke      > > agriculture, food raw materials    soil, fertilizer, plant, food      > > environmental samples    plant drainage, river water, seawater, airborne dust, industrial waste      > > paper / pulp If you have the appearance and changes in specifications, without prior notice.