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        HS664 high speed machining center
        • Product Name:HS664 high speed machining center
        • Product Category:Processing Equipment - High Speed ??Machining Center
        • Published:2011-08-13
        Product Introduction
                HS664 high speed machining center is a reasonable price, high speed machine tool function comprehensive, there are one's own knack in on machining alloy aluminum, hardened steel, hard alloy, copper electrode materials such as, for machining small workpieces. Rich options makes the processing machine with complex surface required high-speed and accurate characteristics, wide application
        Product Details
         HS664 technical parameters Linear axis travel XYZ Mm600560400Linear axis feedM/min 30 Positioning accuracy / repeat positioning accuracy (VDI/DGQ3441)Mm0.008/0.006Knife  20 Spindle  SpeedR/min 2200036000The maximum powerKW 1619Hilt  HSK50EHSK50ETable (three axis)  SizeMm1000× 550The maximum loadKg700Built in rotary tilting table (5 axis)  Table diameterMm400The maximum rotating diameterMm565A axis travel -110° /+105°C axis travel 360°The main options  Tool setting gauge Devices for presetting toolsGraphite dust removing device Suction system for graphite dustIndexing rotary table Rotary tablesDigital copying DigitizingThree dimensional programming software CAM 3D HI-MILL