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        Industrial optical fiber endoscope
        • Product Name:Industrial optical fiber endoscope
        • Product Category:Endoscope - Industrial endoscope
        • Published:2011-09-19
        Product Introduction
                Industrial optical fiber endoscope is a nondestructive testing instrument using optical fiber, optical, precision machinery and electronic technology. It is combined by optical fiber transmission characteristics like, light transmitting principle and soft and easy to bend, but when the equipment is not in the disintegration of the circumstances, direct observation of the internal defects or check the sealing cavity wall cracks and corrosion as well as internal whether foreign bodies and so on. Fiber optic endoscope can not only visual observation, can also through the photoelectric conversion interface displayed on a monitor, provide the basis of.ZKX type industrial optical fiber endoscope are widely used in machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, aviation, aerospace, power, petrochemical, automobile, weapons, transportation, railway, pressure vessel, public security and other fields for the analysis of the cause of the trouble.
        Product Details